What's this about then?

Yet another bloggy website…one more grumpy old git ranting in what Jo Brand memorably called the ‘twatosphere’? Well maybe, but at least it’s my blog and it’s my turn to be the grumpy old git.

But maybe it’ll be a bit more than this…

I wanted to launch Subversive Inappropriate Cartoons (SIC for short) mainly because there’s a lot going on out there to get grumpy about, and on which I want to comment:

  • this government (which I think has become quite the most pernicious of my life-time and that takes some doing)
  • the creative brilliance of the tax avoidance industry
  •  the shenanigans of our absurd royal family (the highest paid and least effective public servants in the country)
  •  the mendacity of the climate change deniers…
  • (oh and Jeremy Clarkson, Piers Moron, Nigel Farrago – and I could go on and probably will.) 
The usual suspects I hear you say: OK I know it’s all been said but not everyone’s said it.  And Steve Bell shows no sign of vacating his slots at the Guardian anytime soon.   

So I’ll be posting my own take on current events (and some not so current. I’ve thought of some great ideas recently for cartoons about Cameron mislaying his daughter, or Lance Armstrong’s cheating or even the invasion of Iraq – but I realise the moment for biting satirical comment on any of these is probably past.) 

But all this won’t just be based on my opinion.  I’ve spent much of the last 25 years of my professional life producing summaries of the evidence that’s available on social and economic policy.  Governments have always been pretty selective about the evidence they choose – even in the early days of the Blair government when the mantra was ‘what works’.  But this government’s approach to ‘evidence’ is more selective – and often simply mendacious – than any other I can recall.  So I’ll be trawling through and summarising evidence so you don’t have to.

But I’m not just keen on producing my own cartoons.  I’ve always been fascinated by (and highly jealous of) the work of other cartoonists – mainly but not exclusively in the political sphere.  So I plan to produce the occasional piece on the cartoonists who I have enjoyed and have maybe influenced me:  the old masters like Gillray and more recently David Low, as well as the contemporary masters – Rowson, Dave Brown and of course Bell.     I’m a great fan of the vulgar music hall tradition as well so there will be room for something on Donald McGill: after all the site’s supposed to be Inappropriate as well as Subversive.  And from time to time I plan to write about my experience of trying to develop a cartooning style a little laet in life.

Oh – and did I not mention this?  I’ll be trying to sell a few as well.  (A boy’s got to live…) I’ll be offering some of the cartoons as greetings cards, and some as prints.

We’re sending alerts to anyone whose email address we’ve got, or who is part of our LinkedIn network or is a Facebook friend.   And I’ve even staggered reluctantly into the dark world that is Twitter. 

If you know of anyone who might be interested in any of this, you probably need to get out more.   Or you could share our website address with them.