Friday, 20 July 2012

Humble pie

The Olympic Dream

I was among those cynics who thought the Olympics would end in some kind of catastrophe.  I boycotted the opening ceremony – or at least stopped watching after the initial green and pleasant land/rural idiot sequence, to be told afterwards that I had missed the finest piece of left wing propaganda since The Communist Manifesto. But of course all turned out well in the end – and I was forced to revise my opinion, (hence the humble pie, not a dish I indulge in often) despite Boris’ self-serving antics.

But I think my cynicism beforehand was justified by the shoddy commercialism that surrounded the torch odyssey.  Our village was lucky enough (?) to be on the route, and we were constantly hounded with instructions that had originated with the sponsors about what we could and couldn’t do.  So the idea of Ronald MacDonald as a torchbearer, with a Coke bottle taking the place of the torch, was irresistible.