Monday, 15 October 2018

You couldn’t make it up….

A dark sense of humour appears to have descended on the government, as it approaches quite possibly its swansong.  First, the day before Theresa May goes isolated into the Cabinet chamber in pursuit of her elusive, nay fantasy, Brexit “plan”, she announces free dancing lessons for the lonely.  She has demonstrated to the nation – more accurately the world – how desperately she needs dancing lessons (not to mention help in improving her international negotiating skills.)

But even more bizarrely, the Foreign Secretary is pictured this morning with a number of his EU colleagues in a maze that we learn adorns the garden of his grace and favour gaff, Chevening.  A number of satirists have commented recently that their job is getting harder because so much of contemporary politics is self-satirising; but no-one expects senior government minsters to take the piss out of themselves…

Jeremy Hunt and his EU counterparts trying to navigate the maze at the Chevening country retreat in Kent.